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FisherTechnik–OecoTech Project 2

The second project offered by the OecoTech kit reuses many of the things we have built during the first project. This time, the plan is to build a Water Turbine. Instead of transforming the energy into motion and stop there, we’ll further convert it to electricity.

To accomplish this, we’ll use the motor provided in the set, and use a simple system to have its drive wheel put into motion by the water’s energy. To verify that the motor is actually producing electricity, we’ll plug-in a LED (Light Emitting Diode).

FisherTechnik–OecoTech Project 2–Water Turbine

One tip for the model to work properly: Do not extend the rubber band making the link between the big wheel and the motor axis to its maximum. It would only create more friction, and possibly make it impossible for a water stream to make the wheel move. In any case, we should always try to build the most efficient system => With the least wasted energy.

In the set, there is also a capacitor (called Goldcap) of 10F, which can hold quite a charge. I tried using it in parallel with the LED, but somehow it did not seem to light up. Maybe having the capacitor induces a voltage drop too consequent for the LED to illuminate.

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