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Testing Windows Live Writer 2011

January 18th, 2011

Just a quick test post to see how this free software from Microsoft can make posting on a blog more fun. Somehow, even if being able to post straight from the blog is fun, offline software can help especially in case of slow connections, which I seem to get quite often during business trips.


I’m posting from Hong-Kong, within Cathay City. Looks like adding a picture with a simple drag & drop is not supported, so I’ll have to create a file locally.



Let’s see how that goes online Smile


And what about a map…

Map picture

Welcome to this blog

November 3rd, 2007

Yet another blog.

I guess I really used to dislike the word “blog”. Not sure why, maybe I felt this term was just hype for naming a personal page or site. But along with it comes the notion of easy publication. Whatever comes to your mind, you can post about it in a matter of seconds. No need to fight with HTML/CSS, there’s a zillion of tools to take care of this for you.

Even if I like to be in control of the code I use on my websites, I can’t deny that using WordPress for my blog has been a huge time server. Skinning the site took about 30 minutes, on top of the 10 minutes required to configure WordPress. I now have a nice wysiwyg HTML editor to post from.

I intend to write about anything that is not long enough to be worth the creation of an article on The layout of the blog is still really simple, I will add categories and the usual stuff once I have a few posts going. In the meantime, it’s not really worth it to spend time on getting the search function working :D