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Features planned for Warlock DPS Calc 1.06

November 21st, 2007

I’ve just realized yesterday that 2 months had gone by since the last update to the DPS Calculator.  I wanted to improve the Timeline first, but this will take a deep revision of the drag&drop mechanism, which I do not wish to undertake right now.

I have received a suggestion to display some graphs. Indeed, it’s true that more information could easily be displayed about the selected spells and the resulting DPS.

I’ve received one mail about bugs, but after discussing with the person it appeared that it was just misuse of the calculator, or bad comprehension of the results. Also, I’ve read on some forums that this “Calculator was bugged, as all the other ones”. I have invested many hours in testing – probably more than what I used for coding – to make sure that the results were accurate. So I guess that I will have to show the output of the calculator, so people understand what’s going on.

Here’s a summary of what will be included in 1.06 :

  • DPS over time graphics, x-axis based on 60 seconds to let the dots expire.
  • Text output of the spells damage, including base damage and modifiers
  • More statistics, such as Max DPS achieved during sequence

Let’s say that a reasonable target date for this would be december 15th.